About Us

Hello my name is Tiera Rashell & I am the CEO of Tiera Rashell LLC.  
I started TRA as a brand for myself because I was in a place where I felt my beauty needs and concerns were not being met. I started on a level up journey that catapulted my weight loss journey and help me tap into all of my beauty obsessions. 
I provide people like myself who desires luxury natural products that makes sense and that are non invasive and affordable. I want to experience the best natural products and non invasive techniques to reach all my beauty goals from, skin &  body and I want to share them with you.
Tiera Rashell Aesthetics was built to be an aid in building a healthy sustainable lifestyle for women and men. We don't want our clients to just see quick results; We want to help maintain them! I specialize in results and I care about you getting results.